Its not about drugs or alcohol, its about you.

Six Dimensions Counseling is an adult outpatient chemical dependency treatment program in Minneapolis. Our program takes a different look at drug and alcohol treatment. We recognize that human beings, regardless of their past, have unlimited potential for well-being and resiliency. By simply reconnecting with our own health and well-being we can find more happiness, contentment, peace of mind, common sense and creativity. The need for substances drops away when these feelings prevail in our lives.

We achieve this by coming to understand how we all create our experience in life psychologically, through Three Principles: Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. Group counseling and education takes place in a relaxed setting designed to help each person find a deeper understanding of how these Three Principles work together to create their experience in life--one moment at a time. This understanding allows participants to access their own wisdom and intuition which can guide them towards a more profound change than ever thought possible.

Our services are for clients struggling with drug abuse issues or DWI/alcohol-related issues. If you have questions or concerns about your use, a loved one's use or about the program, please contact Jonathan at (612) 977-1818 or Josh at (612) 902-6018. If you would like to set up an intake appointment please contact Chandell at (612) 902-5915.

When I came into the counseling field, almost four years ago, it was my belief that my job was to teach clients how to cope with the fact that they can't use drugs or drink anymore, cope with stress, cope with bordeom, etc. And on top of that now you have to learn to cope without the one thing that helped the stress and the boredom to begin with.

Luckily I found out that wasn't true. I was introduced to a man named Sydney Banks; an ordinary man who had a profound experience. This man's story was of a person who had been coping with life himself until this "experience," a deep spiritual insight, changed him beyond his "coping." In that moment, he saw what was to be Three Principles, the missing link in psychology, that explained at the deepest sense human beings and our experience. He saw our true nature.

Waking up to these Three Principles draws out our innate mental health and well-being. We begin to find a more positive feeling towards life...because we begin to see that it comes from lives within us...and at any moment it is ours for the taking. Once we see this we stop fooling ourselves into thinking that happiness or simply a nicer feeling is something we have to go out and get.

That's really what addiction is anyway, isn't it? We're not happy with ourselves or our lives and so we use something to try and feel better. But you'll notice that the benefits of drugs and alcohol are always so temporary. It doesn't last; you have to keep chasing it. So, when we find a good feeling like happiness or contentment, and it is not dependent on anything in our lives, it is ours, and nothing can take that away. You give up the chase and just live. And that, my friends is why happiness truly is the antidote to addiction.

-Jonathan, Program Director


Treatment Services Include:
Relapse Prevention Program
24-hour track (4 Weeks)

Outpatient Treatment Program
48-hour track (8 Weeks)
60-hour track (7 Weeks)

Aftercare Program
Tuesdays (8-12 Weeks)

*Our programs and services meet court and Department of Public Safety requirements.