It's not about drugs or alcohol, it's about you.

The "Six Dimensions" are six areas or components that make up a person's life that are a great measurement tool of overall health and well-being. They are:

1. Withdrawal/Acute Intoxication

2. Physical Health (Biomedical Conditions and Complications)

3. Mental Health (Emotional/Cognitive/Behavioral)

4. Readiness for Change

5. Relapse/Continued Use

6. Recovery Environment

Rather than identifying specific methods to try and change things in these six areas we will try to direct you towards insight of how your experience is being created. As we begin to understand the true nature of our experience, our view of life comes into focus. Obstacles or challenges keeping us from where we want to be in life tend to evaporate as our natural common sense asserts itself. Through this new understanding and a quieter mind the innate wisdom we all possess comes to the forefront and life decisions become easier. With a healthier state of mind change becomes a process to be welcomed and solutions to problems become obvious. The natural abilities and talents we all possess appear when we can let go of our troubled thinking and direct our attention inwards.

Our counselors are here to guide you through this process of discovery. We merely help you uncover your own natural, unlimited potential.