Treatment Services Include:

Relapse Prevention Program
24-hour track - 4 Weeks

Outpatient Treatment Program
48-hour track - 8 Weeks
60-hour track - 7 Weeks

Aftercare/Continuing Care Program
8-12 Weeks

Our programs are designed for people who are dealing with alcohol or drug related issues. Since the objective is a "healthier you" our focus is not on the specific chemical of choice but rather how your experience in life is up to you, not at the mercy of your circumstances. Because of our unique approach, you will find that group is made up of people with all different types of backgrounds (socio-economic, cultural, drug of choice, gender, our past, etc.) But to find a comfortable and enjoyable recovery, it is not about examining how we are different but rather how we are similar; the underlying Principles behind the human experience.

Eligibility for these programs is based on a chemical health assessment. These programs meet court and Department of Public Safety requirements.